What has happened to Lulu

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What Has Happened to Lulu?

Louise Middleton, or Lulu, as she was fondly called by her mother, had been sitting on the hill for over forty minutes now. She bit her lip and found herself glancing around every time she heard a noise. Her fingers twitched and her heart was racing. Her mouth had turned dry but she forced herself to swallow. Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the ground in the distance. It began advancing towards her, growing longer and longer. Her heart pounded as she sat frozen, staring into the glaring light of the sun. It masked the owner of the shadow, though she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach that she knew exactly who it was. She could hear footsteps now. Footsteps of the shadow. A tall slender silhouette was advancing towards her. Clutched tightly in their hand was a screwed up piece of paper.

"Why had you never mentioned this before? You should have told me. I could have done something. I could have been there. I was so scared. I thought you were dead till I found this. Lu, if I knew, I would have changed it all."

All through her mothers painful words Lulu had sat and stared. She fought back the tears and stared through her as though she weren't there. She listened intently to the tone of her mother's voice and pretended not to care. Of course however, she did. She wanted to jump up and hug her mother. She wanted to tell her everything that had been building up inside her over the years; the pain, the anger… the truth. She wanted her mother to comfort her as she once did when Louise was a child. She wanted her mother to tell her it will all...