Has Man Really Landed on the Moon?

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Has Man really landed on the moon?

Today I would like to discuss with you whether or not man has really landed on moon.

You must have heard of the saying, 'A picture says a thousand words'.

So, let us start with the photographs and footage.

There are two sources of light in the movies and the stills from the moon whereas the only source of light in the sky is the sun.

The NASA explains this by saying that there were three light sources on the moon. First was the sun, second was the earth which reflected the light from the sun and third was the moon itself reflecting the sun's light.

The second proof is the footage in which the flag of America is waving on the moon but there is no air on the surface of the moon. So how was the flag waving?

NASA says that they had attached a stick to the flag on its top, to create an effect of waving.

Next, there are no stars seen in the sky in any of the stills, whereas you can see hundreds of stars in the sky from the earth.

NASA's argument states that even if you take photos from the earth, you will not see any stars in the pictures. For shooting the stars, you will have to leave the shutter open for several minutes and the astronauts didn't go there for taking photos of the stars.

The scientists say that the Van Allen belts surrounding the earth would have fried the astronauts with a lethal dose of radiation.

This, according to NASA, wasn't a problem as long as you blast right through it.

The other thing is a camera panned upwards to film the Apollo 16's Lunar Lander lifting off the moon.