"Has Othello passed its use by date?"

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Though 'Othello' has been read and appreciated for many years, it definitely has many more generations to teach and entertain. This particular text is able to last the test of time for its contents are built upon a solid foundation of universal values that are able to convey things about any society no matter the context. The values that Shakespeare explores in 'Othello' dominantly revolve around human condition which is the nature and feelings of all humans such as the desire for more power or the behavior that arises because of those they may love. As these values are based on human condition, they are found within every human and as a result this text will always be relevant in any society no matter the time period which it is read in. Over the years as the play was being read, many different perspectives and views of the play have been produced by different parts of society.

Readers have been able to view the play in different ways creating more depth into the values and the context which the play has to offer. 'Othello' has not yet passed its use-by date if it did have one for it still has as much relevance in society as it did when it was first written. The play itself has so much content for the values and events that take place within the play can be viewed in different ways making the text timeless meaning 'Othello' does not have a use-by date.

The values that are explored within 'Othello' are relevant in every society for they are within every human no matter the race, sex, age or class. To be a human is to encompass values such as love, friendship, power and loyalty...