Has popular culture turned marriage into a joke?

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The media praises Christina Aguilera for her defiance as she dances as a stripper in her music video, Dirty and poses nude on the cover of Rolling Stone. Jason Alexander, Britney Spears’ husband for only 55 hours, was quoted saying that their reason behind getting married was that they wanted “to do something wild and crazy. Let’s go get married for the hell of it.” Getting married seems to be a popular source of entertainment these days, with popular celebrities exchanging wedding vows with a new person every couple of years and a growing urge to watch so-called “reality” TV shows such as The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, and Average Joe. Our society provides a gateway to the cheapening of marriage vows and the rate of divorce continues to soar.

American society accepts divorce too warmly and too often forgets the affects on a family. Lots of people love to read magazine articles about celebrity’s latest engagements, marriages, and divorces.

Divorce is not ridiculed by society and is often even congratulated. The American culture tells the individual that he is weak for putting up with anything that doesn’t make him happy and that life should be fair. But forgotten in this quest for a better life is the children. With America leading the world in divorce rates, many children grow accustom to having step-parents and half-sisters and brothers, even ex-step-parents. The casualness of divorce in today’s society will only teach the younger generation to accept such fragmented families and forget the original structure of a functional home. The changing view of marriage continues to weaken with the popularizing feminist movement.

Feminists view of marriage contributes to the soaring divorce rate in America. They believe that when a woman submits to a man, she loses her identity...