Has Resegregation Diminished the Impact of Brown?

Essay by ReggaeyouthA, February 2010

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State the main pro ideas:It is the belief of Orfield that the impact of the Brown decision does not seem to be relevant to contemporary society, but one should not forget how this decision impacted the education system. Traditionally, minority groups were segregated against with civil liberties and the population was divided over social-economic status, religion, race, etc. Thanks to the Brown decision all of that has changed within the education system. The Brown decision is considered a major step toward equality in the system.

State the main con ideas:The influx of the minority groups such as the Hispanics and the Latinos, poverty stricken schools and school choice have contributed to the to the current segregation that we find in schools today.

Wraga stated that segregation occurs not only along racial and socioeconomic lines. Proposals for school choice, charter schools, and magnet schools often promote segregation in a variety of ways, targeting students on the basis of academic or vocational ability, aptitude, or aspiration.

The author went on further to say that at a time when the nation's population continues to diversify and when socio-economic divisions have aggravated by two decadesState your opinion on the issue:In my opinion, segregation has always been an issue of American life. Regardless of what race someone is, or where they live, there always are people opposed to their racial, ethnic, social, or religious background. There always are people who think they are better than others, and who are trying to stop the advancement of people they consider to be inferior. One of the many court cases that have attempted to clear the human race of this corrupt way of life was named Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. The Brown v. Board mandated the end of segregation, prejudice and inequitable treatment which is indeed a milestone that has been accomplished. As stated, however, areas of segregation still exist in the education sector. I always contend that people should not be judged by their religious persuasion, race or social status. We all deserve equal rights and opportunities to excel.

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