how has the technology revolutionzed design essay

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How Has The Technology Revolutionized Design ?!

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Teacher: Mr. Christopher Gordon

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Semester two


Topic: How Has The Technology Revolutionized Design?


Hook: definition of design

Background information: the separation of design from fine art.

Body paragraph 1

Topic sentence: The purpose of creating a new technology.

Supporting details: make design easy, keep up with the new age of technology and appearance it and use it in new design.

Body paragraph 2

Topic sentence: the sectors of design.

Supporting details: design divided into four sectors which are graphic design, digital design, interior design and architecture.

The programs for each sectors.

Body paragraph 3

Topic sentence: design in Oman and other countries.

Supporting sentence: Oman has developed design field and improve the education by teaching design.


Restatement: designers can give a hand in building the country and increasing the economic fields for the country and representing the country worldwide in the media, art and design fields.

Advice: believe design is a new filed must by respected by people.

Design is the plan that is drawn as a foundation to create a system or an object. Another definition of design is synthesis of information, needs, colors in order to create something greater than the sum of its part. Design was limited to the Fine Art. With the advent of new technology, design separated from Fine Art. While it's start its focus in using technology more than papers. That what makes the design easier and more understandable. The reason for using modern technology in design is because it's become one of the requirements for life. Well we live in an accelerated world always in fast change. Also design always needs modern technology to easily control and evaluate it.