The Hastening Od World War II

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2.Did American reactions and policies toward foreign developments from 1930-1940 hasten or retard 1) the coming of WWII, and 2) the ultimate US involvement in the war? Thesis: American reactions and policies toward foreign developments from 1930-1940 hastened the coming of WWII, and retarded the ultimate US involvement in the war.

American Policies and Reactions: 1. 1931 The Japanese invasion of Manchuria -Us reaction: only to refuse recognition to recognize Japan's right to own manchuria (Stimson Doctrine) 2.1935: Italian invasion of Ethiopia -US reaction: moral embargo (Please dont trade with Italians)=failure.

3. 1935: The Neutrality Acts -encouraged aggression bc keeps the US from helping victims, and provides no opposition for aggressors.

4. 1936: Spanish Civil War -US response: tighten neutrality Acts, to also include civil wars.

5. 1937: USS Panay -US response: accepted a Japanese apology and damage payments while the public called for the witdrawal of all American forces from China.

6. 1937: The Sino-Japanese War - caused FDR to give "Quarantine the Aggressor" speech - US response: negative reaction, no support, NO!, so FDR back off Essay #3 FDR's performance at Yalta has been labeled by many of his critics as a short-sighted sell-out. Agree? Explain Yes it was a sell-out 1. Gave Russia the power to absolute veto which enabled to UN to do anything 2. the loss of East Germany and all the other Iron curtain countries to the Communist a. Russia got Berlin 3. Had the A bomb didn't need Russia in the War with Japan but Yalta caused them to join that war No it wasn't 1. Didn't really know about the power of the A bomb so thought we needed Russia to join war 2. Needed Russia for UN to work 3. Russia did lose most in war so should get the...