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Logo the Hat Have you ever had a friend that you really liked to be around all the time? I had one of these friends. I am a hat, my name is Logo, and now I will tell you all about how my life all began. His name was Jon and on his eleventh birthday I was the gift from his brother. He and his brother did not get along very well so when he received this hat from his brother on his birthday he was very happy that his brother had actually gotten him something, so that gift was very close to his heart. I the only hat he wore for about two years. It was not that I was the only hat he owned it was just that he loved me. Partly because he thought I was special because it was from his brother and partly because he thought I was a very cool hat.

Day in and day out I was on his head, he could never leave me behind, and I was always with him. Sure I was thrown around, like when people took me off his head at school and played keep away. I also got thrown into corners when I was not on his head. Another thing was that he sweated a lot and I had that privilege to absorb it all. This went on for about two years. Then I started to break. It was something that all hats go through one time or another. He tried to fix me but what he did was just not good enough, I could not stay on his head any more. I kept on falling off when he ran, when he rode his bike, and really whenever he moved. So for his thirteenth birthday he got a new hat. This time it was from his dad. He liked this hat too, but it just was not the same as when his brother got him me. He does not wear his new hat nearly as much as he wore me. Now I am hanging on a hat rack that his mother got him to go along with all of his hats, but I am hanging on my own knob while his other hats are all piled on each other. He managed to fix me well enough so I would stay on so he still wears me, but not nearly as mush as he used to. He and his family moved when he was fourteen and when he was packing he put me in a box along with stuff he never uses even more. Another year has gone by and I had not gotten out of this box yet and I had the feeling that I never would. I have great memories of how much he loved and wore me and when I look back at my life as a hat I thought about all the great moments he had with me on, how much fun I had. I would say it was all worth it. And if I had it all over to do again I would and you know what I would not mind how long I had to stay in this box as long as will always have my great memories of me being on his head all the time. I did eventually get out of the box around ten years latter and you know what. It felt great to be on his head again.