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HatchetHatchet is written by Gary Paulson. It is a book of a boy learning to stand on his own two feet. He grows from a boy to a man by learning how to survive in nature, relying only on himself. Bryan Robeson, thirteen years old is the main character of this book. His parents are divorced. His mom and dad went to court and the judge decided that Bryan would live with his dad during the summer and with his mom during the school year. The trip to his dads house is were this adventure begins.

His father lived on and oil field in Canada. During the flight in a bush plane over the Canadian wilderness the pilot had a heart attack and dies. Bryan did not know how to handle emergencies this big. "Inside he was stopped. He could not think past what he had saw, what he had felt.

All was stopped. The very core of him, the very center of Brian Robeson was stopped and stricken with a white flash of horror, a terror so intense that his breathing, his thinking, and nearly his heart had stopped."� (Page 12 Paragraph 2).

Bryan was able to bring the plane down in a remote lake in the middle of nowhere. He made it to shore with just the clothes on his back and a hatchet his mother has given him. He explored the area and found a cave for shelter and berries for food.

During the night a porcupine entered the cave. He woke up and through the hatchet at the animal. It missed but when it hit's the wall of the cave there was a shower of sparks. He knew his survival depended on his ability to keep warm. He tried to start a fire with the...