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HATE Hate is not a word easily defined. It is a word, which stems from the deepest roots of evil, and shows its dreaded face upon those who hold it in replacement of their insecurities. It is one embellished in un-just values and immoral teachings. One that is so untrue and unrealistic, that some might believe it to be the reality because of its inconceivability to those pure of heart. Or is that truly the definition? Could hate be a dream, more of a nightmare, but not the reality nonetheless. Is it possible that this "hate" is a myth which is none more than a front for another word... Envy. This envy is one which, when thrown to the top of the volcano spews out this lava we call hate. This envy that might possibly drive a man to take his own life in order to cause harm to those representing all that he envies. This envy is what killed more than 6,000 human beings on Tuesday the 11th. Not 6,000 New Yorkers, or 6,000 Americans, but 6,000 people who, regardless of their skin color or beliefs, died because of their right to live. An envy, which lays its foundation deep in the majority of non-democratic nations around the world. A feeling of jealousy of the freedoms, which the people in this land enjoy and prosper in. A disbelief in the power of all that is good in this world, and all that is right is what made the envious conduct such destruction to the core of humanity. There is a way to defeat this hatred, or jealousy, or whatever word caused such a massacre and to erase such words from the dictionary of our world. There is a way in which we can lift the soles of those...