Hate Crime

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Hate crimes have been an integral part of American society since its beginning. I think that that these types of crimes are based on ignorance, arrogance, and fear. Whatever the reason for these hate crimes, they are really unexcusable. To hate someone simply on the basis of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity is really ignorant. The problem with these types of crimes, as stated in the article, is that they are really under reported. I do agree with the author in that often these crimes are not given top priority, and can sometimes lead to retaliation against the victim. I was surprised to learn that hate crimes are not considered a federal offense unless they are committed against a victim that is in the midst of a federally protected activity such as voting. I thought that anytime a hate crime is committed, it was a major offense.

I think that hate crimes should be elevated to at least a national standard, as opposed to giving each state the jurisdiction to decide what happens to the offender. I do not agree with the idea that we are all a melting pot. I think that it is a happy ideal, but it may not ever become a reality. I personally try to get to know people on an individual basis, although I am not perfect, and sometimes find myself in judgment of someone else. I think that bias starts within an individual or even at home. Education within the schools may help people to understand that it is okay for others to be different. However, I do feel that there are going to always be those who refuse to be more tolerant of others. For that reason, I believe that hate crime laws should be much more strict.