Hate Crimes

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Over the past 10 years there has been a lot of controversy about hate crimes and how the committers should be punished. Some "“ most "“ people say that they should be treated more harshly and others say that they should not be treated harsh. I believe that they should be treated as harsh as they can without torturing them.

My first reason is that they should be put in prison just for the smallest hate crime. If they do a crime such as a Klansmen placing a burning cross in an African-Americans front yard then they should have, at least one year in a prison. But if they do something like a beating or murder then they should put the normal punishment on them. It is a proven fact that hate crimes have increased significantly over the past decade so something has to take charge before these inappropriate crimes get too out-of-control where no one can stop it.

My second reason has to deal with hate groups. Groups such as the KKK, Black Panthers, NAACP, and the NAAWP claim not to be hate groups but they all have committed hate crimes. These crimes have to be stopped. Over 60% of murders in the USA are black on white; almost all of them are due to racial hate. But white on black hate crimes makes up almost half of all hate crimes. This is really ridiculous because we are all humans and we should not kill each other just because of color of skin. I think that if a hate group commits a crime then the police should arrest the "˜head man' of the group. That would, I think, really make the group stop doing all the crimes. If that would not work then they should make it where if...