Hatred; In My Community

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Hatred; in My Community Some would say that the video shown in class was on Monday was disturbing, scary, enraging, and quite surprising. I consider the video a wake up call, and an educator as to what is really going on in the United States. Many people do not know the influence of the white supremacist that is occurring right now in the U.S. Some people are as racist and prejudice as ever and violence is starting to come into the picture. The neo-Nazi movement is silently using the internet to pull in the young, ignorant victims that it calls faithful members. The cult-like movement is thought to be responsible for a great number of violent occurrences in the last decade. Something needs to be done about this terrible menace to society. The hate that is fueling this campaign is quite disgusting. These people think that they truly are the dominant race and other races should just perish from the face of the earth.

I don't quit understand how one can get these thoughts in their head. The situation is turning into a war and America's streets are the battleground. A new kind of holocaust is starting to conform, and that is very bad news.

When people start dying, someone has crossed the line. This is exactly what is happening. Jews and blacks are being persecuted because of race and religion, and their rights as human beings are fading into oblivion. Men with messed up ideals of what is right are trying to become "patriots" and they have the notion that the slaying of these people is "the right thing to do". I don't understand how any one can say that killing is right, and that God condones it. These murderers consider themselves true Christians, and they think that...