Haunted House

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The Haunted House On a Halloween night, I saw an old house on an old road. The gate was full of cobwebs and spiders. As soon as I pushed it open, I saw the creepy house. The house was huge- very black, not even a single star above it, just the moon. I walked up the old sidewalk. Trees surrounded everything.

I finally reached the door. The door was very eerie. It was huge and looked like a dungeon. As soon as I opened the door, black figures came flying out. I screamed in terror at the thought of being eaten alive. After I got my courage back, I decided to go into the house.

It was very dark and very cold inside. There were many corridors that I saw. I knew I had to choose one. Then I saw one that I could actually see light in! Without hesitation, I walked down it.

There were many pictures along the walls. Remembering all the scary movies I saw, I decided not to stick around.

As I got closer, I realized I smelled something burning. When I reached the room, I saw a candle! I knew that someone had to be here. I decided to pick up the candle and us it for light. Then I decided to move on.

There was nothing much down the next corridor, so I walked to another one. It led up to stairs! When I put my hand on the handrail, I could feel coldness and the cobwebs on it. It smelled awful as I walked up the stairs. It smelled like something had just died. Deciding to ignore the stench, I walked up to the top.

When I reached the top, I heard strange music. I saw more light to the...