How I Have Been Impacted By Changing Demographics

Essay by sardiddle April 2006

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My life has been impacted by the changing demographics in many ways. Living in America today, many of us are exposed to a wide variety of cultures. Because I live in Arizona, the large numbers of Hispanic immigrants that cross the border every year impact my life immensely. Also, many elderly people from the northern states and the east coast migrate here to escape the grueling winter weather. These things not only affect my life individually, but they also impact the economy, our culture, traffic, etc. Although there are definitely negative aspects to immigration and migration, there are also many benefits.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are of a different race, sex, religion, and/or age than I am. I barely even noticed the impact that these differences have had on my life until I started consciously thinking about them. For example, I was raised as an Atheist whereas my boyfriend is Jewish.

Every Friday, he goes to a synagogue for Shabbat (Sabbath) followed by dinner at his Rabbi's house. Because of this, we don't usually meet up on a Friday until around eleven o'clock. When we go out to eat, we are limited to only kosher food. This often works to my advantage though. Whenever I bring food over to his apartment and I don't feel like sharing, I tell him that it's not kosher. Luckily, we haven't had any real struggles with our differences. His family is very accepting of the fact that I'm not Jewish and my family doesn't really care what his religion is so long as he treats me well. Because my grandfather was a minister and marched with Martin Luther King, Junior, I was raised not only to be tolerant of difference, but also to embrace it.

Every day immigrants enter the United...