Have the CEE countries sucessfuly finished their transition to democracy and is the communist era well and truly over?

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The post communist era is not yet over as a shadow of communism still lingers within the hearts and minds of the populace making it almost impossible to completely convert to a well functioning democracy hindering the EU entrance of the CEE countries. One of the main problems for CEE countries is that they were under the communist regime for almost half a century, which left a significant impact on they way people think, behave and live. For certain mentality that East Europeans have is very different from the mentality of Western Europeans. Eastern Europeans have different perspective at society and at people that surround them as the heritage of the communist regime stays in both the minds and the deeds of the CEE populace. Corruption, blind obedience to authority, crippled economy, and instable democracy are all proof of the ever lingering shadow of communism. In many CEE countries such as such as Ukraine Byelorussia, and Estonia the populace are not sure that the elections done in their country are not rigged.

Many times when western observers are put in to watch the election process they report back with multiple violations and that they did not have access to certain documentation and proof that they have requested.

Corruption in the CEE countries is seen on all levels and is a constant part of life of the people living in those countries. Bribery has started long ago in the communist times due to the absence of a free market and thus demand was constantly larger then supply. Now the corruption has carried over and is seen at all times. It is seen whether one wants to buy tickets to go to a theater or is stopped by the police on the street. Almost everyone in executive positions of privilege or...