I have found both advantages and disadvantages of owning a

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I have found both advantages and disadvantages of owning a Quad and / or a Dirt bike. I am undecided of witch bike is better because they both are so well in design and uses in there own way. I heave rode both and could see and feel the difference in them but they seem so much a like.

The looks of both bikes are so much a like but still so different; for example they have tires, an engine, an handle bar, brakes on handle bars and foot pegs. There are differences and they are, the dirt bikes have two wheels and the quad has four wheels. The throttles are most of the time different, for example the dirt bike has a twist throttle but the quad has thumb throttle most of the time. Most of the dirt bike has the same look except for the color and the decals.

The quad look pretty much the same the only differences are noticeable like the size tale pipe, the color of plastic because they change the color of the bike every year, the type of handle bars how tall or short, and extra.

The quality of the bikes is up to what you're looking for in a bike. The quad is slower then a dirt bike but has a lot more power in the engine. Dirt bikes are mainly used for riding and having fun on. The quad has many different uses for example, to go hunting, hall heavy objects, joy riding, two people to ride, and to enjoy nature. The way they are built helps for it purpose of need.

The safety of each one is different because of the way they're built. The dirt bike for example it only has two wheels so it is easily laid down so you got to be prepared to fall on your side, and since the motor is right beside your leg when you fall you've got to move it out of the way. But on a four-wheeler it is really light in the front so you've got to learn how to ride it out or bale. When you ride it out you lean as forward as you can that includes making it look like your going to kiss the front rake. But if you bale you need to hit and role from the bike not towards the bike or you will get hurt. When you do bale you tear up you like very easy. You wear the same equipment on both bikes. Both the bikes are very dangerous it they can kill you if your not careful and safe.

So in conclusion the bike are the same but different at the same time. Sow if you go looking for a bike you gust have to know what your looking for to choose between the to bikes. Myself I would pike the dirt bike because it is more dangerous.