Have newspapers become medium of past or they still play role in people's lives?

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It is very hard to decide that recent human social evolution can be disintegrated from mass media or not. In fact our lives are so much dependent on information being generated by various resources that it is virtually impossible to remain effective without any communication systems. Information needs a medium to travel like newspapers, radio, television, telephone, and Internet etc. There are now a day's enormous media to carry information from one part of the earth to the other, rendering diverse world a colourful global village. The newspapers were the pioneer of the communication networks and remained leaders of it for more than a century. There is no doubt about the supremacy they have enjoyed but question is 'are they the still lions of jungle?' let us analyse the situation.

According to most authenticated resource, the world mass media working group (2002), the graph of number of newspapers is yet far ahead than the other means of communications.

This shows that there is no threat to the position of newspapers due to other fast growing competitors. In my country I have seen ever increasing numbers of newspapers, during my personal observation of about two decade and I do not remember any prominent newspapers to disappear altogether unlike other industries. Many prefer it because this is very convenient and affordable to get to each corner of world without jeopardizing routine activities. There is no need of any power connection, device, specific place and time. Judging for the demands of modern day life newspapers seem very much adjusted to everyone's need, so there should be no reason to contradict its place in our communities.

Most of the researchers declare it as most culturally sensitive, environmentally friendly and community-oriented medium. They also believe in its authenticity as it is recordable, reproducible...