To Have or not to have Parental Advisory? Compare and contast essay on weather or not to have or not to have Parental Advisory labels od Cd's, Includes 16 refrences

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To have or not to have,

Parental Advisories

Back in the 1980's an issue arose on the topic of whether or not there should be some sort of parental advisory on CD's sold to the American public. By the end of the 1980's there had been a number of CD's with some kind of Advisory on it, but not until 1990 was there an industry standard Parental Advisory. The parental advisory is supposed to keep obscene words out of the ears of our innocent youth some say. On the other side of the issue are not only the artists themselves, but a great deal of people across the board who say it is against the first amendment due to the right of free speech. This means conflict. To this day there is a large debate on whether or not there should be a parent advisory on CD's, and as it stands, they are still on there.

The theory is bad words in music will trigger young people's minds in a way that they should not have to deal with until a suitable age. That means foul language should not be heard until a person has reached a certain age. To have that type of language free to hear is said to change how a person talks himself. Over the next few pages you will see whether or not these claims have weight to them or maybe they are just false.

There are more than a sufficient amount of CD's that are coming out as we speak that have parental advisories on them. With over 10 years under its belt, the program of giving a CD a parental advisory is down to a science. Certain companies such as Wal-Mart and other big department stores have made it a policy not to...