How have women's roles/rights changed based on their abilities to provide for themselves?

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How have women's roles/rights changed based on their abilities to provide for themselves?How have women's roles changed when males have been away from home, such as during war or other long separations from the family?The roles of women have changed a lot over the years, especially in America. Women used to stay at home and look after the kids while the dad was the one who worked. Nowadays with the ease of getting a divorce, the lesser moral of people, and the goal for women and men to be treated equally, women have been getting jobs to support themselves and their families.

In modern times, you are not disgraced if you get a divorce and it is very easy too. The number of divorced parents has continued to grow and is almost at 50% in the United States. The children of divorced parents usually switch between them and for this reason the mom has to find a job to support her and her child.

Folks don’t have as much of commitment as they used to.

America has always fought for equal rights and I think this affects women’s roles along with giving them rights that men have always had. Women are becoming more self-proficient and are working their way up in jobs. This is a big change from what it used to be like; women had part-time jobs at the most.

When the men in the household are away at war or some other long separation, women usually can take their place in supporting the household doing the work the men usually did or finding a job that could support a family. Doing this puts lots of stress on the women but they usually will stick with it until the man gets back. It is good that they are able to do this.

I believe the roles of women have changed for the better and have been more supportive. Also it has had more of an effect on how households in the United States are run and how jobs are filled. This fact shows how America has improved itself over the years and it’s another reason we are a great nation.

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