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Have you ever been in love? Teenage love as you will find out or as you already know is different than any other love. If you have ever had a high school sweetheart, you will know all about proving your maturity and in more recent times, the pressures of having sex. In the book that I read is called Forever by Judy Blume, you might be able to relate or be warned for the future, about teen relationships and pre-marital sex. Forever is the "adult" novel about Katherine Danziger and Michael Wagner, two teenagers experiencing first loves together. The narrator of the story is Katherine Danziger. The story takes place in many places of New Jersey.

One of the main character is Katherine Danziger. Katherine is also known as Kathy. She is the first person point of view. She is also the narrator of the story. She is a 17-year-old senior.

She got a sister name Jamie.

Another main character is Kathy's best friend Erica. Erica is "outgoing and inhibited," she is "four-feet-ten." Everyone is in her family is tiny. She has had no problems getting boyfriends. Erica goes to the same school as Kathy. Erica tries to get with Artie, Michael's best friend, though out the whole entire story. But at the end she never got to.

Another main character is Michael Wagner. He "wore glasses, and a lot of reddish-blond hair and a small mole on his left cheek." He's Kathy boyfriend.

Katherine and Michael both high school seniors meet, started dating, fell in love, and begin a sexual relationship. They promise to love each other forever. They meet at a mutual friend's New Year's Eve party. Initially, Kath isn't too impressed with him, but as the night wears on, she finds herself growing more and more attracted to him. Then he shows up the next day and admits he's interested in her. After dating Michael for a while and realizing that she loves him, Katherine begins to realize that sex is becoming a big part of their relationship. Then comes the dreaded summertime when Katherine and Michael are separated by jobs. . She breaks up with her boyfriend and starts going out with another man.

Forever is real life examples on how teenage relationships are and how they might end. Everyone experiences it at least once and this book is a romantic and heart wrenching way to show one teen couple's struggles. In conclusion this essay by saying that I recommend to all teenagers and even some adults to read this book. This book describes a person's innermost thoughts and feelings toward the topic of love.