What have you learned this term about changing perspectives? (Peter Skrzynecki's "10 Mary St", Hannah Roberts' "Sky High", film "Radiance", and a World Vision advertisement)

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Throughout studying changing perspective's an appreciation of the many factors influencing one's personal views and outlooks has been gained. The influences include culture, age and maturity, an individual's upbringing as well as many life experiences. Peter Skrzynecki's "10 Mary Street", Hannah Robert's "Sky High", Rachel Perkins' film "Radiance" and the "World Vision" advertisement each effectively portray these aspects of change and in doing so, through a number of techniques have developed my understanding of changing perspectives.

Changing Perspective plays a significant role in the film "Radiance" by director Rachel Perkins. Each of the sisters in the film were raised differently and their cultural backgrounds influence and shapes their views of the world and their mother. When Nona discovers that Chressie is actually her mother, because she was raped by the so called "Black Prince", her perspectives of her father drastically change.

During this scene, Nona's face is rubbed in dirt by Chressie during an argument, symbolising Chressie's hatred towards the "Black Prince" and that he too is dirt.

The burning house is also a form of symbolism, as this represents purification of Chressie's terrifying past, when she lived there. Close up's of the girls faces are also used to express the strong flow of emotion in the scene. This film shows the affect that a person's culture and upbringing can have on change.

The "World Vision" advertisement also expresses the idea of changing perspectives being influenced by culture, upbringing and experiences. Christine's parents both passed away when she was young and every day became a struggle for survival. The use of colour and the positive image of Christine depicted as a happy and successful woman, attracts the responder, making them realised what a difference one single person can do to help someone as unfortunate as Christine. An...