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Very often in life I would find myself strongly disagreeing

and upholding the totally opposite point of view about the

actions and behavior of those, whose deeds seemed to me

rather disadvantageous and harmful to the entire community

or society. These kind of actions were mostly coming from

government authorities, and quite obviously, there was not

much that could have been done in order to refute or

override them. Therefore, not only once, the idea of having

adequate power and authority to ban these kind of pernicious

practices, would appeal to me.

For the purpose of decreasing the crime rate, that was

the top concern of the Ukrainian citizen, in 1994, some

misguided politicians in government adopted the legislation

repealing the previous amendment and thus, abolishing the

constitutional right to own the handguns. Banning the sale

of firearms seems to me a most malicious and reckless deed,

that instead of safeguarding and protecting, endangers more

the entire society.

The Government justified this act by saying that it

would protect the innocent citizens. But it failed to even

entertain the notion that the enactment of this law would

come to protect the right of those who violate the rights of

others. It has never occurred to authorities that vicious

criminals, in spite of this legislation, will still manage

somehow to get the firearms.

Innocent people, however, will suffer, because they

will be less likely to obtain handguns in order to protect

themselves and their families. Therefore, it would not be

hard to imagine the carnage of the citizens, should there

not be any guns in their homes. The criminals would walk in

at any time they desired, they would take whatever they

wanted, rape whom they wanted, and shoot whoever would


The Government defended the enactment of this...