Hazardous waste incinerator and how it affects the people in its community. Positive affects of a waste incinerator.

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How would you feel if your town might be a site for a new hazardous waste incinerator? This was the question going through many of the people living in East Liverpool's heads. People weren't sure how to react to this. Having a hazardous waste incinerator could be both good and bad in many ways. Some of the community members felt strongly about not having the incinerator in there community. Others thought that it would be a good change for their community. Even though there were controversial views on having a hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool, an incinerator would benefit the community more then it would harm it.

There is one very important factor about the hazardous waste incinerator; it reduces a great amount of waste which normally would be put into the environment. With the incinerator there won't be big piles of garbage everywhere. People won't need to make nearly as many landfills, and it will save a lot of land space.

Whether or not people use or don't use an incinerator there will be pollution. Except when using an incinerator there will be less pollution then without using one. When an incinerator is used, 99.99 percent of the wastes and harmful pollutants are destroyed. A small portion of pollution is put in the air; some of the community members think this is a very big deal. But if they looked around them all of the landfills are giving off just the same percentage of pollution maybe even more.

Not only in an incinerator better for the environment, but it is also good for most of the people. By burning toxins in an incinerator people won't have to inject large sums of garbage into the ground. When garbage is injected into the ground it has many negative...