HBS Flextronics Case. Foundations of Leadership and Teamwork. What actions should McCusker take to reach a decision? Why should he take those actions?

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McCusker is the project team leader and had authorized the organization of a cross-functional and cross-regional project team in Flextronics. McCusker should reach a decision with regards to which shop-floor system to implement in the facilities as soon as possible. Main stakeholders in this decision are Mexico team, Hungary team and Microsoft. From long term perspective, Flextronics needs to integrate the different shop-floor systems present in each facility into one system. The growing complexity and rapid changes facing the business world today makes it imperative for Flextronics to develop an integrated system to more effectively manage its business. An integrated environment will improve information sharing, collaboration, global competitiveness for multi regions.

Managing Self

As a global project team leader, McCusker should manage himself, which means that he has to observe his emotional reactions and identify any interpretations of the situation�. Both Hungary team and Mexico team insist that each shop-floor system is more excellent.

When McCusker discuss the shop-floor system with each team members, it will be hard to reach an agreement. McCusker has to listen to each team's opinion carefully and should cool down his emotional reactions when he conducts negotiation with each region's team.

Managing Conversations

McCusker should strengthen relationships among team members and view each region's concerns objectively.� He also need to provide timely feedback with regards to each parties' concerns. Although Ryan, the manager of the Mexico facility, was McCusker's previous manager, McCusker has to exercise objectivity in evaluating and analyzing the shop-floor system problem. And also both Mexico and Hungary facilities have never worked together and very few people other than those at the most senior levels know their counterparts. Effective communication is also a key factor in managing relationships.

Managing Relationships

McCusker needs to build grounded trust and use conflict to alter...