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I am an eight year old boy growing up in a Christian family; my father is a pastor, and my mother, a Sunday school teacher. I have an older sister called by her middle name Kemi and a younger sister Bola. Kemi is ten years old while bola is only six years old. My parents are pretty hard working and are never at home. My father also works as an engineer for a petroleum industry and tries his best to make time for his family and his church activities. My mum on the other hand is an elementary school teacher. She tries to come home in good time to take care of i and my sisters and at the same time, prepare for the next day of school. Due to all these, my parent decides to hire a house help to do the house chores and take care of I and my sisters when they are away.

Growing up in the way of the lord, I go to church about 4 times and my parent encourages me to be active in everything I find myself doing.

As a normal tradition in our household, we woke up at five thirty am to say our morning prayers and then after the prayers, everyone goes about their own business. On one faithful Sunday morning, after our normal prayers, my mother received a call from a friend who has just had a baby so she took a quick shower and hurries down to her friend's house. My father on the other hand prepared and left for the early morning service which starts at seven a.m. They left us in care of our housemaid. Before my father leaves for church every Sunday morning, he gives I and my sisters some coins to pay as offering in church. Our house maid got us dressed up before she gets herself dressed. As she gets herself dressed, I started playing with my coins. I threw it up in the air the first time and caught it with my mouth. I use to do this with candies and this was my first time I actually did it with coins. I ended up swallowing my coins when I tried to catch it the second time.

I told our maid what happened but she did not take it serious until when I started choking. She immediately ran to our neighbors for help and then called my parents. One of our neighbors drove me to a nearby clinic from where I was referred to a bigger hospital where i finally passed out. When I opened my eyes, I saw my parents and other pastors standing around me. I asked what happened and they told about the coin and how it is standing vertically above my air sac and that's why I'm still alive. They also said that I'll have to go on surgery to remove the coin before it lays horizontally blocking the passage of air into my lungs. I had to take series x-ray examination to help the surgeons monitor the position of the coin in my air sac.

Something miraculous happened when I went in for may 3rd x-ray examination. I felt the coin move slightly and at that moment, my breathing returned to normal again. I turned to my father and said to him "Dad, Jesus has helped me to remove the coin" He looked at me with so much faith and said "Amen". I went in for the X-Ray examination and when the film came out, there was no more coin on my air sac. The doctor said I should expect to see the coin in my 'poope' in the next couple of days. Three days later,I was so excited to see the same coin in my 'poope'.

I grew up in a Christian home as a child. My Parent's life style had a great impact on I and my sister's life. My father who is pastor and an engineer is never at home except on some weekends when he does not have to work. My mother who was a teacher in an elementary school was always busy with school works. She also taught little children stories from the bible whenever she had the chance on Sundays after church service. The busy lifestyle of my parents led them to a point where they had no choice than to pay extra money to hire a maid. The job of the maid was to take care of I and my siblings when my parents are away and to do other minor house chores.

As a Christian family, the first thing we did every morning was to gather together in the living room for our morning prayers where we commit our day in the hands of God. My parents takes us to church about 3 times a week. They try their best to teach I and my sisters the way of God and helps us get involved in church activities. I found that really exciting especially whenever I get to act a drama for the church.

One Sunday morning, after our usual morning prayers, my mother had a quick bath and hurried down to see a friend who has just put to bed. Meanwhile, my father prepared and left for his early morning sermon which was to preach at 7am that morning. Before he leaves for church every morning, he makes sure he gives us some coins to pay as offering in the church. Our house help does not like going to church late so she got i and my sisters dressed first before getting herself dressed ready for church. As she got herself dressed, I started playing with my coin. I threw it up in the air and I try to catch it with my mouth. As an eight year old young boy, I felt kind of proud and happy with myself when I caught it with my mouth the first time because i've never tried catching a coin in my mouth, I've always used candies for this trick. I threw it up the second time and caught it in my mouth but I ended up swallowing the coin. I quickly ran to tell our maid about the coin but she did not pay any attention to me and therefore didn't take me serious until I started vomiting and choking. She ran to our neighbors for help and then called my parents. One of our neighbors drove me to the nearby clinic where I got a first aid treatment. I was later transferred to a bigger hospital where I finally passed out.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my parents and other pastors standing by me. I still couldn't breath well and I asked what happened. They told me how I swallowed the coin and that I'll need a surgery to remove the coin. They also told me that the reason why was still breathing is that the coin was standing vertically on my air sac and that it was laying horizontally, I would stop breathing and probably die. That scared me so much that I wanted to have the surgery done immediately to get the coin out of my lungs. I had to go for a series of X-rays to help the doctors know the position of this coin in my lungs. The first two extermination I took had the same result as the coin was still in its spot. The surgeons decided to give it one more try so I waited for about an hour before going for the last X-ray. I felt the coin move away slightly and my breathing became normal again. At that moment, I said to my dad, 'Jesus has has help me to remove the coin' and my Father stared at me in an unusual way that I say faith in his eyes when he replied me with 'Amen'.

I went in for the third and last X-Ray examination and the doctors were surprised at the result that came out. They confirmed that the coin has moved away from my lungs and has flowed down my guts so I should expect it in my excreta in a couple of days. I was very happy to hear that. The doctor placed me on a special diet. They wanted me to eat heavy meals for the next few days. This would help push the coin down my intestine. After about the third day, I found the same coin I swallowed hanging out with my excreta. I was so excited to see it.