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Is There A Doctor In The House?alfred hitchcock, reporter for the Science of Health foundation.In light of recent reports it has been found that many die in the hands of those who may have been able to save them if it weren't for a lack of knowledge of simple First Aid.Many men, women and children die each year of problems that may have well been prevented or treated if it weren't for a wide spread lack of knowledge of First Aid.The problem is that there are fewer and fewer people being taught First Aid. It is also a problem in getting the courses to the people. Unfortunately the funding for institutions like the Science of Health foundation is the result of donations alone. It is necessary for the government to step in and support programs for them to be taught to the general public.MoneyThe government has done very little to aid in such programs in the past but recently the government is rumoured to be providing funding for media acknowledgement of the First Aid programs yet it isn't enough.

It is also the people, the potential victims or family and friends of victims who have to be encouraged to take on a course of First Aid. It is a very simple task to undertake yet the public believe it would put a strain on their daily life to take on such course. The disadvantages of doing a course to have the ability to save a life are non-existent. A few hours and you gain the ability to save lives and the excuse that it doesn't fit in with your timetable is the result of simply being ill informed on the ease of such beneficial programs. There are several methods to put an end to this problem. One is to put to use the possible funding for the media attention, to bring the courses out of the dark and into the homes of families, mothers and fathers and anyone else who has the dedication to set aside a few hours weekly for such a beneficial purpose. Another is to enlarge the scale of operation within the community. It is still however the responsibility of anyone to do this if not just for their own health.CareCPR is just one of the great additions to the list of skills one will have learnt by doing this course. Many deaths occur each year to drowning, most of which may have been prevented through the use of CPR, a method of first aid essential to life. One cannot rely solely on an ambulance unfortunately, so one must be capable of taking care of others in the few minutes it counts most.For further information on the First Aid course or simply to find out where the closest venue is please Visit your closest Clinic or ring our information line 24hrs a day Toll Free on 1800 0655 4321.