Health and martial arts

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In today's busy modern world, we are always on the go either traveling for business or with our families on vacation. Over time, our bodies get worn out and we need to recharge but the stresses of daily life get in the way and then our stress-free lives get less and less more comfortable to live with. Kendo: The Way of the Sword first developed for the ancient samurai of feudal Japan in the 15th century to hone their skills without killing one another. They used many methods to sharpen their skills but the one method that elevated it all to the next level was their calmness of the mind or ability to stay calm in any situation no matter what you're facing. Whether it's an army of opposing samurai or a classroom full of kids, the teachings of the samurai taught how to survive in any situation. Kendo: The Way of the Sword benefits a person's mental health….

And is there a link between Kendo and living a centered life both mentally and physically.

Let's travel back 800 hundred years, back to the times when the deadest warriors of Japan roamed free and are still popular in these modern times today, they are the Samurai 侍, which translated means "those who serve" (Ozawa, 1991). The samurai came to power in the early 13th century as a "police-force" for the Daimyo 大名 ("great name") or ruling lord to collect taxes for their lands and to serve their Shogun 将軍 ("commander of a force") or top military leader and their Emperor, ruling monarch of all the lands. The samurai were skilled masters in many forms of martial arts and are said to have no fear of death when going into battle (Yumoto, 1958).

They were the masters of their art including...