Health and Social Care Management

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Safya Khan

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Post Graduate Certificate in Health and Social Care Management.

Managing Self and Others

Module No : HHM-705T

Assignment Type: 5000 words essay

A review of your role as Manager and appraisal of your effectiveness in Managing others.

An analysis of your management style and the impact it has on others.

A discussion of your personal development needs and how you intend to address these needs.

A Personal Development Plan.

Submission date: 7th May 2013

Agreed extension : 4th June 2013

Word count: 4613

Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933), defined management as "the art of getting things done through people". This may seem a very narrow angle for some, however, the philosophical concept of management, relies on results being obtained through people. The nature and role of managers has been an emerging concept since the early 19th century, often linked to administration and being the middle ground in organisations allowing to filter objectives to employees and vice versa, filtering employee's needs to senior staff within the organisation.

In my view management is a set of hierarchy working to achieve a common objective.

As a Patient Advise Liaison Service (PALS) and Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement Manger, my role is predominantly to manage the customer service role for the Care Trust. Up until recently the Care trust was specialist in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. The Trust is now at the stage of applying to become a member of Foundation Trust Status, which involves recruiting members to help shape the future of the organisation (BDCT, 2013)

My role can be viewed in favour of Mintzberg's headings: Liaison, Monitor, disseminator and spokesperson. I am the Liaison between the organisation and the team, and also the wider service users. I monitor the team's performance, activities and disseminate information...