Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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Health and Wellness in the Workplace

While one is sitting on-the-job wondering what they are going to do next, does the thought of a workout or living a healthy lifestyle ever cross their mind? With obesity on the rise in the world today, majority of the businesses are implementing health and wellness programs into their daily working routines. Health and wellness is not just beneficial to the employees but also to the employer.

Wellness means living a healthy, balanced lifestyle that incorporates positive attitudes and productive behavior patterns related to the physical, emotional, psychological, family, social, spiritual and the occupational spheres of ones life. Wellness is important not only in the workforce but in ones everyday life. Wellness begins with a mindful, active decision to shape into a healthy lifestyle that if at all possible becomes a lifelong process of maintaining awareness and making more sound choices toward a more satisfying and productive life.

I believe that it is of major importance that today's workforce is offered the opportunity to participate in these certain programs not only to benefit themselves but the employers as well. By implementing the health and wellness programs to the employees the employer will save money in health care costs, hiring more personnel who are not sickly or covering for the absent personnel who are out sick, also the business will be more productive and have a stronger workforce. By implementing these types of programs it can also provide the business with more profit and a greater turnover rate.

There is increasing evidence that health promotion and wellness programs have proven successful for many companies and employees. About two-thirds of those responding offer one or more types of incentives for participation in wellness programs. The most popular are...