Health Care Administration

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A window of opportunity.

The increase in demand for MRI services opens a window of opportunity for putting up a provider-based delivery of such service which will serve as an additional source of revenue for our established orthopedic surgery practice. The fulfillment of such plans equates to addressing the population's needs with the assurance of having a highly competitive and innovative technology that is the portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging device.

A vision of a healthy population who is continually provisioned with the highest quality medical services that are reasonably priced.

As the administrator, it lies in your hands to come up with a feasible plan for the business. Several challenges have been identified which are to be later on discussed. Due to such, it becomes a primary task at hand to justify and go beyond these challenges to see how this business will make it and flourish eventually. Pushing through with this project and succeeding greatly lies in the vision that you have with regards to this opportunity.

And such vision would be to provide the highest quality medical services that other providers cannot compete with.

The most effective leaders are the ones who are able to cascade their vision down to their subordinates. Without such influence, the vision could turn awry in the future. It is of utmost importance that the administrator be able to make all the people involved realize the significance of the opportunity at hand. From there, he should be able to mobilize them towards achieving the vision through appropriate actions.

People, policies, communication and coordination are the structures that will make up this organization.

Management. It is management's responsibility to handle all administrative concerns of this organization. As such, the formulation of all policies and guidelines with regards to the operations of this new business...