Health care in the US compared to England

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Healthcare in the United States compared to England

When people in England hear that Americans have to pay out of pocket for health care and that many cannot afford it and are uninsured they are really surprised. Unlike the United States, England has universal health care for its citizens. The United States spends 17.9% of its GDP on health care (half of which is public expenditure), and cannot insure one sixth of its population, while England spends 8.5% of GDP on health and everybody is covered. (US and UK Health Care - Opposites Can Learn From Each Other October 2012,) In England their health care is called the National Health System (NHS). The government finances health care and manages the infrastructure for the delivery of medical care. The NHS in England is focused on primary care and community health services. The NHS in England provides care that is free at the time services are needed while here in the United States health care is funded privately and publicly and has large fees for services provided.

Health care in England is mostly provided to residents free of charge. Citizens in England are provided with primary care services, hospital care and preventive medicine. 12& of the population has private medical insurance which gives access to private elective care. The publicly funded health care is funded by the Secretary of State for Health and is supported by the Department of Health. The Department of Health functions through health authorities that are responsible for making sure citizens are given the proper quality care and treatment, and have access to local health services. Health services are provided by 151 primary care organizations who each have a set geographically areas they provide care for. Health services are financed from general taxes, public sources, and national insurance...