Health care using two basic models: Biosocial and biomedical. It uses marijuana as the main focus point in the discussion and has reference to some newspaper articles

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There are two basic models that can be used to help outline health care. These models are biosocial and biomedical. I will examine and critique these two models through the use of mainstream newspaper articles. Many people have a wide range of opinions on this matter but the area I wish to examine is how the press represents health care issues in terms of these two models.

The articles I have chosen for the biosocial model help portray what society and the media feel about the legalization of marijuana (pot) for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is becoming more accepted by popular culture. Therefore, if its use can help patients whom suffer from multiple sclerosis, than there is justification in accepting this as a means of treatment. The media shows both strong support and intense rejection of the use of marijuana which leaves room for much debate about what society wants (or needs).

It is apparent that there are so many objections about marijuana due to legal issues, but critiquing its advantages and disadvantages will allow for us to shed some light on this ongoing and controversial debate.

On quick note in regards to the biomedical model, I have chosen articles that have little or no relevance to that of marijuana. The articles show how society has adapted and made changes in order to further our progress as a society through biomedical changes. The reason behind my selection is simply because in terms of the biomedical model, I believe that the articles I have chosen are of great significance to our society and can help shape the future of medical procedures. My main focus is the artery study and the microchip story which have become recognized by many but are still in the trial process. Because of these advances in the medical...