Health Improvement project

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Health Improvement project

1. I would like to quit smoking and I would like to replace that negative habit for starting to practice yoga and meditation. In achieving this goal I will help my chest congestion, my overall health will get better due to quitting. Yoga and meditation will help calm and relax me while getting through withdraws that come from smoking. This will also increase my physical and mental health.

a) Better my health

b) Not having to revolve my life around cigarettes

c) The money that I will save not buying cigarettes

d) Quit a disgusting habit

e) Not smelling like an ashtray

3. My desire to change (Goals from question #2)

a) 10

b) 7.5

c) 5

d) 5

e) 5

4. Resources needed to help achieve my goal.

I will perform my goals on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at six pm. My two supporters will be my roommate Carrie, and my aunt Sandra.

I can achieve my meditation at home all these nights of the week and most of my yoga will be done in my home. I will need to meet with a yoga class twice a week. I will need to learn more on yoga and meditation.

5. Other resources I will need to acquire before I can attain my goals.

I will need to attain more information on yoga and meditation through books and

video to fully understand all that I will need to accomplish. I will also have to

check around for a reasonable priced yoga class, that I feel comfortable in.

I can find much of the information I need to know by using the internet to

research the questions I may have.

6. First entry:

a) I smoke everyday

b) I have been smoking for four years and...