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My goal is to increase water consumption to 40-50 oz. per day. When I started I did

not drink that much water. I started drinking 20 oz. per day for five days out of the week.

After two weeks I increase the amount of water. I would drink 40 oz. per day, which

would be 200 oz. per week. After six weeks, I have gradually increased my water

consumption by drinking up to 50 oz. daily, for seven days of the week for a total of 350

oz. weekly.

The predisposing factor for my health goal has to do with my awareness that

water consumption is beneficial to staying healthy. I started getting information about the

benefits of consuming water and I realized that water is very essential to keep our bodies

in a good condition. Every part of our bodies needs water to work properly, but water is

particularly important for keeping the kidneys healthy.

Dehydration "lack of water" is

one of the reasons why people develop kidney stones. Some people say I don't need

water because I don't get thirsty. But that's because thirst can be slow to develop. Often

we don't feel thirst even when our bodies need fluid. We often confuse thirst with hunger

too. Sometimes when you think your body is asking for food, what it really needs is

water. This is why it's a good habit to drink water regularly, whether you feel thirsty or


The enabling factors for my health goal were mostly in my favor. Water is readily

accessible at any convenient store or household kitchen faucet and is relatively

inexpensive. A 20 oz. bottle of Poland Spring is around $1.00. There is a convenient store

close to my house. In the morning when I leave my house and go to...