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In seven months I will be graduating and heading out to college, my first taste of independence. There are going to be important choices ahead of me. Many of which will effect the direction of my life.

I feel that the tools to making the right choices in life are learned in childhood. Personally, my mother taught me strong morals in my earlier years. The tools of safe and healthy decision making can not be memorized as if studying for a vocabulary test. They must be "soaked up" and reinforced over the years.

Health classes in school compliment years of learning morals and ethics in the home. I feel that health class helps is that the teachers have a wide knowledge on the subject. After completing health class I know what to do when I encounter a friend who is a substance abuser. I know how to identify a problem and help that person seek help.

Health class had taught me how to deal with a rape; I should advise a victim to go to hospital immediately. There is a plethora of information taught in health class which could one day save a life.

Overall, I strongly feel health class and life lessons go hand and hand. Health class can not take the place of years of experiences, but it does sharpen the tools of safe and healthydecision making. I feel safer in the world because I posses the knowledge to keep myself safe.