Healthcare Competition.

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In the near future, healthcare competition will not be based on price factors alone. In order for healthcare institutions to compete in the future, they have to provide a better service to the patients and enhance communications more thoroughly. As having a reputation of providing the safe systems of care as a health care provider can dramatically receive a better standing in the competition in the near future. Health care institutions should design a system of care that can prevent errors that enable to harm a patient or cost them their lives, establishing measures that allow errors to be noticeable when they do happen so that they may be seized before any further actions, and create methods to lessen the undesirable effects of errors when they are not notice and put an end to it, in all cases it will prepared them to compete better in the future competition.

The best way to reduce the number of errors that occurs is to develop a proper way of communication between the doctors/physicians and nurses.

For example, if the doctor verbally tells the nurses to give patient certain amount of medication and writes down differently in his notes, then there is an error in communication because the nurses obeyed to the verbal orders and didn't pay attention to the notes the doctor written. This can kill patients' lives or even cause them to suffer for no adherent reasons. If a certain constraints develops stating that nurses have to check the doctors notes at all time before performing any orders, it would reduces the number of errors in a healthcare. However, if a healthcare did endure an error that causes the patients lives, it would be broadcast and every consumer would gain a bad insight of the healthcare itself. This will cause a...