Healthy People- 2010- Part I

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ObesityThe American Obesity Association (AOA) defines obesity as "the excessive accumulation of adipose tissue to an extent that health is impaired" (2008). Obesity has seen a catastrophic growth in the number of individuals afflicted in the United States and is a major contributor to many preventable causes of death. Evidence suggests that obesity is associated with medical complications such as an increase risk of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and heart complications, gallbladder issues, sleep problems, and certain types of cancers. In 1995, the total cost attributed to obesity was an astonishing $99 billion (Overweight and Obesity, 2008). Obesity can be reduced with the proper nutritional and physical education.

Obesity, a Healthy People 2010 objective, contributes too many issues. A few of the objectives are: reducing overweight adults, adolescents, promote a healthy weight in adolescents, food intake, nutrition in schools, nutrition counseling/referrals and promoting physical activity by improving access to community recreational facilities (Nutrition and Overweight).

Focusing on the previous aforementioned objectives will help reduce chronic disease associated with poor diet and obesity.

In order to achieve the Healthy People 2010 objective and reduce obesity, a policy needs to be adopted by the government. However, there is no quick and easy solution to solving the problem of obesity. A policy incorporating communities, workplaces, schools, medical centers and other revenues subject to federal and governmental regulations to make the environment more conducive to a healthy diet and exercise regimen should be considered to reduce obesity in the United States. Media advertising would be vital for a policy to reach the population that will ultimately be affected.

To be effective; national, state and local entities would be required to have access to information and up to date policy amendments. Initially, incorporating healthy living such as proper nutritional facts and regular exercise in local...