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"Facts are undisputable information while the truth is the interpretation of the facts. The sun rises at the east - that's fact. We cannot dispute that. We cannot dispute facts." Thus said Central Luzon Asst. Bureau Chief of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mr. Robert Abaño. Indeed, truth, is our interpretation of the facts. That is why, according to Abaño, at times, we do not know the truth and we do not know who is telling the truth.

With this generalization, it is no wonder that some people say that not all non-fiction articles we read are factual. They may be truthful, but not entirely factual. This is because most articles, if not all, are products of the interpretation of facts by the writers. Whether they are credible or believable largely depends upon the writer's interpretation. In turn, whether we should believe what we all read, depends upon the readers' interpretation.

Suffice it to say, that we cannot always believe what we read in papers.

After the 6th visit of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last July 17, 2004, it was written all over the local papers and talked about in the local TV and radio: GMA did not install Dr. Henry A. Sojor as the first president of NORSU allegedly because of the cases he is facing before Civil Service Commission (CSC).

People, especially the faculty, staff and students of NORSU, who literally filled the complex during the ceremony, were expecting GMA to install Dr. Sojor as the first president of this university. But to their dismay and confusion, instead of witnessing the historic installation, what they witnessed was the blatant gesture of refusal of GMA to have her picture taken with Dr. Sojor. What happened? Or more importantly, why?

The immediate assumption of many who were privy to the matters of...