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Light house

Light house, it's the house that provides hope. It's alone out there but always welcomes stranded ships and guides them the way. In the novel Where the Heart Is, Billie Letts introduces a story of a girl, Novalee Nation who is young and pregnant. From the beginning of her life, she has been unlucky with sevens. She is seventeen, seven months pregnant, thirty- seven pounds overweight - and now she finds herself abandoned at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma, holding just seven dollars and seventy seven cents. She has faced so many hardships that her hope for a better future is just gone and she is forced to accept the scary truth: her no-good boyfriend Willy Jack Pickens has left her with empty pockets and empty dreams. A jobless girl with no place to live, she is left to fend for herself and her baby. After a harsh delivery on the floor of the Wal-Mart and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl "Americus Nation", she finds herself making friends with the townspeople and being welcomed into their hearts and homes.

Novalee may be homeless and jobless, living secretly in Wal-Mart but she is beginning to believe she may have a future. This world is so large, full of complications and disappointments that the only support and encouragement for a person is the "home" within oneself.

Novalee Nation a young girl lived her life as an abandoned child. Lived in orphanage but never had a real home. All her life she dreamed about houses, all kind of houses that are built on the ground because she always lived in trailers attached with tires. "Novalee dreamed of all kind of houses-two story houses, log cabins, condominiums, ranch houses- anything fixed to the ground." (7). She loves all kinds...