Heart of Darkness

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Ruth Agyeman-Danso ENG4U1 Mr.Karatonis 11/04/2014 To Find the Meaning ​

Within every good story there are many devices and tools that are used to make the story well written. The best stories include a strong theme, a fascinating plot, a well-chosen setting, an appealing style and unforgettable characters. In the novella "Heart of Darkness" written by Joseph Conrad, the author uses an important tool, symbolism, to reveal significant aspects of the central characters; for example Marlow. Symbolism is used by authors because it allows the readers to gain a deeper meaning of the story and open the doors of what is being told. Symbols are used to enhance the story with ideas and noteworthy clues to what is going on in the story and as well to state the key parts of the theme. Joseph Conrad uses symbolism effectively within his characters throughout the book; however, it is used most with the central character, Marlow.

Joseph reveals three important symbols that represented Marlow's situations throughout the story and reflected his personality which were ivory, the lie to The Intended and the Congo River. ​ Heart of Darkness is a novella that was written in 1899 about a man named Charles Marlow, an ivory transporter who transported ivories to the Congo River, central Africa. Throughout this novel the author uses multiple symbols to signify clues in order for the readers to comprehend what is being written about the main character Marlow. Marlow in the novel is the protagonist, as well as the narrator, who is drawing the readers in to understand his story. He was hired by the Company, to get Kurtz from the jungle that has not left the premises for over a year. The Company is where natural resources are shipped back and forth...