"Heart of Darkness": The Darkness.

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Images of Darkness, in the novel "Heart of Darkness" represent the savagery that takes over one's soul; it can be delayed but never stopped, and no one is safe from it. This is shown through many characters and images in this novel. Kurtz, the Accountant, and the Pilgrims are all symbols that show how the darkness has turned them into savages. Marlow, the harlequin, and the idea of work all show that the darkness can be delayed from getting your soul, but in the end it can never be stopped. The Accountant, Kurtz, and even Marlow show that no one is safe from the darkness; and just because you are a civilized man you are no safer than cannibals in the jungle from the darkness.

The Darkness in this novel takes over one's soul and corrupts it. Once it has done this there is no cure for it.

You will never be able to live a normal life after you have been taken over by the darkness, and seen how it corrupts one's soul. Kurtz in this novel shows the darkness at its best. Kurtz lives among the cannibals and savages in the inner station. He participates in unspeakable rights and puts people's heads on stakes all around the station. The Darkness has clearly corrupted his soul, and he clearly never wants to go back to civilization after seeing the darkness. He also makes a report about the savages, who he has been living among them for along time now. In it he says, "exterminate the Brutes". He is obviously referring to the savages who have been taking care of him and keeping him alive for along time now. This shows how corrupted his soul really is, the savages have been helping him and he wants all...