"Heart Of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad and "the lord of the files" by William Golding.

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Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was published in 1901. It is a short novel based on

colonization. It takes part in the Congo, Africa. LORD OF THE FLIES by William

Golding was published in 1954. It is a novel based on adolescent boys & kids lost on a

deserted island and there struggle to survive in the wilderness. It is not to say the least, a

simple adventure story. In fact, the implications of the story go far beyond the

dehumanization of a few boys.

"What is the-' Truth' in the Heart of Darkness & Lord of The Flies?"

The 'Truth' is Humanity-it is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects

of the human nature.

In the Heart of Darkness, Conrad used Kurtz as a main character to introduce the

'truth' to his readers. Kurtz was an exceptional man; he was the best agent and

was of great importance to the company.

Yet, he left the company and made his

own tribe of the native Africans who were described as savages and inhuman. He

leaves the civilization (company) behind and joins the savages to get more


Were as in Lord of Flies William Golding chose Jack to be the main character to

introduce the truth to his readers. Pg 121:

"But know I'm going to get more of the big ones away from the conch and all that"

Here Jack is talking about older kids, he wants them to join his tribe. He wants to be the

chief (Power) of the tribe. Both the characters are thirsty for power; this shows the defect-

the greed in human nature.

In Heart of Darkness Pg 76-77, Marlow states:

"Some thing big appeared in the air....free my eyes from his gaze".

The boat was suddenly attacked...