Heart of Stone

Essay by Kerry_901 October 2006

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I dread school. I hate waking in the morning knowing that I have to go to school. But it's not that I dislike the educational system, it's the teenagers that attend it. I hate getting ready for school knowing that no matter what I do I will never get what I want, never be seen as pretty and popular. But it's not the popularity I crave, it's the attention. Truthfully, the attention of a particular someone.

I would tell you all about him, but it may take me days just to describe how beautiful he is, how dearly I think of him. But I know what you're thinking, I'm just another lovestruck hormonal teen. And I may be lovestruck and I may be hormonal, but I have yet to feel a stronger emotion towards anyone or anything in my entire life. Yes, sixteen is not exactly a long lifetime, but love comes at all ages.

I adore you and

I need you every night

I don't know how much longer

I can take without your love

And so, I wake every morning thinking of him, after a night of pleasant dreams. I take a shower and afterwards I dry and brush my hair. Then I dress, slipping on undergarments as well as comfortable jeans, and a deep red shirt and a grey hooded sweatshirt overtop. I'm not what you would call stylish, I just like to wear what is comfy. I don't bother putting too much makeup on, just some eyeshadow to match my eyes and some shiny lip gloss. Most girls my age take hours to do their hair, but mine usually cooperates, so I just put it up in a bouncy ponytail.

I wanna be loved

for who I am

I don't wanna be told

how to...