Heartbeat From Hell and Silhouettes Of A Melody (2 Poems)

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We'll keep our eyes so close to the sunThat we cannot see all the damage we've doneNot just to ourselves, there is no way we'll make itI know we're going under as well.

And we'll keep our ears so close to the beatThat we cannot hear you, and we won't move our feetTo the sound of it all going down in flames.

Lets put this fire out.

We're a heartbeat away from hell.

I know, and its easy enough to tell.

You know we are a heartbeat awayFrom having no heartbeat at all.

So lets keep the taste locked up in our teeth.

We won't let it seep out; no we won't let it leak.

You can't let it show, so maybe you just play your roleIn making sure that nobody knows.

Well I bet we get caught up in every way.

Well she said, I read it on your face all the same.

Well lets get so fixed on our problems and stay.

Lets put this fire out.

Just say you needed it just as badly as me.

All we ever wanted was to be happy.

And just say you needed it,Just so we see we were wrong.

So it seems that all the casual conversationsAnd all of the intimate situationsWere just figments of our imaginations.

When in all reality all we were doing was justLying to pass the time and dying to passThe hat from her hand to mine.

We're a heartbeat away from hell.

I know, and its easy enough to tell.

You know we are a heartbeat awayFrom having no heartbeat at all.

Silhouettes of a melodyMute sorrowing Harmony's of a symphony behind flower petals of scarlet,Entwine the stem of a climbing rose within the strings of acoustic guitar,"Let me play with you" she whispers, drinking her white wine of lullabies,As moonlight drapes across the tiles creating stellar lights of glitter effect.

Brush away bright fireflies glowing, for they will only burden your performance,Sing softly to sweet monarchs which resides deep within your sorrowing soul,Kiss the chords gently as they create silhouettes from such empty emotions,We all shall watch with care as dusks glare changes hazardously from roseate.

Heart strings begin to suddenly fray whilst dusty piano keys sing out in misery,"It's been along time since we've touched finger tips" She sings deeply within tune,Staring into fierce candle flames wax rolls smoothly down burnt parchment,She thinks carefully to herself, "Sweet darling, why did you ever betray me?"As music lead to her betrayal, One musician now drowns herself in vodka,Her anti-drug to sweet melodies, which captured lies within sparked note,And even though she's so beautiful, she would choke her self with pearls,For two artists combined in marriage ended miserably in a musical affair.