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Night had fallen and the room was plunged into darkness. It was pitch black and the darkness threatened to swallow everything up. The eerie silence was broken every now and then by sorrowful sobs which could be heard coming from a corner of the room. Suddenly the door swung open and a blinding line of light entered the room. A young boy appeared at the doorway and he flipped on the light switch, which filled the room with light, chasing the darkness away.

"Why didn't you switch on the light? By the way, dinner's ready. Mum sent me to call you down and you had better go down now. She's in a bad mood..." he faltered as he noticed his brother, Dan, crouching in a corner hugging his knees, streaks of tears running down his face. "Are you alright, Dan? What happened?"

How could Dan be alright? How could he be, after all that had happened? His vision blurred as a scene re-enacted in front of him...

The first thing Dan saw as he strolled into the classroom, whistling tunelessly, was the bouquet of flowers. It was daisies, Cindy's favourite. Dan smiled as he remembered the numerous times where he had imagined himself proposing to Cindy with a big bouquet of daisies. Dan was pulled back from his thoughts as he suddenly realized that there was a commotion in the classroom. There seemed to be something going on. Dan pushed through the crowd, trying to get a better look. But he was not prepared for what he saw.

Ken, his best buddy, was offering the bouquet of daisies to Cindy. Dan froze in his steps, unable to move a muscle. Hey, what was Ken doing? Cindy was his and Ken certainly knew that! But why was he...