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As you walk through the pearly gates you are hit with a full sensory overhaul. There would be no way to describe the feel, smell, or look of Heaven. The aura of the area would be total euphoria. You would no longer fear, hate or be displeased. Heaven will be a place of happiness and love. It will be a place of happiness and love. It will be a place where nothing exist but good itself. Right when you enter Heaven you will experience the aroma of freshly cut roses or burning vanilla candles. There will be the smell of a Pine Forest outside everything else. The smell will make you have that fresh clean feeling. The type of feeling you get when you get out of the shower.

Heaven will look like an ancient palace or something of that type. It will be nice and clean. Everything will have that little glint of sparkle where the light hits it and reflects off.

The sky will be blue. It wouldn't be a dark blue but a nice pure blue. The blue that the sky has on a hot summer day. The water would be crystal clear and would fall from a stream of the side of a mountain. Drinking the water would be total bliss.

The sounds of Heaven would be like a band of angels playing soft, playful melodies. Most of the good musicians who have passed away before us would always throw concerts. We will be able to attend these concerts with no charge Getting floor seats would be no problem you would just have to say, "Hey, you see that man over there? Yeah that is God, I'm with him." We could sit right by the stage with God and listen to these geniuses play their pianos or violins.

The food would be prepared by the best chefs who ever lived. Eating would be the most intriguing thing in Heaven. You could order your hamburger and have it delivered to you in no time at all. There would no problem finding ingredients to the secret recipes of the greats. Heaven will be a place of total happiness. Heaven is the place where everything or anything would be easy to do. Nothing would matter but everything would be great. I think Heaven will be the best thing your sense could ever imagine.