Heaven Can Wait

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One of the most awful movies I've ever seen in my entire existence must be "Heaven Can Wait" directed by Warren Beatty. The movie could have been much more enjoyable if the characters were not as robotic, shallow, and tasteless as they seemed to be. The plot line was extremely tedious, and predictable as well. The theme of this movie is very unclear, which deducts from the enjoyment of the movie. The portrayal of dying and going to heaven was interesting, but could have been more appealing if the movie had a better approach.

The theme of the movie cannot be determined since the plot and the characters were awful. If anything about the theme of the story can be analyzed its that the writer tried to show how mistakes can ruin someone's life, literally. When Mr. Pendleton gets transported to heaven, it's a mistake which a new "heaven intern" made, which is the conflict in the movie.

The plot seemed very confused, like a dog without its sense of smell. The movie jumped in to the rising action as if the exposition got cut short, which subtracts from the entertainment of the film. The plot only begins its recovery when Joe arrives at the white space, and tells who he is and how he is the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. It is very unbelievable as well when Joe's body becomes cremated so fast after he dies, only a day or two.

The characters in the movie "Heaven Can Wait" were monotonous, boring, and dull. The charters' tones of voices were sluggish, which put the viewer in the atmosphere where they couldn't concentrate on the movie, and might even drift off to dream land. The characters were all static characters; their views did not change throughout the entire movie.

This movie could have been much better directed and written. The director seemed like he had too many ideas in mind, and tried to show them all at once, confusing the audience at his attempt. The characters: narrow minded. The plot: confusing. The theme: undistinguishable. I would be telling someone to throw away five dollars if I were to recommend this movie to anyone.