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The earliest style of Heavy Metal is Thrash Metal formed in the early '80s. In short, it is an acceleration of Heavy Metal, faster and harsher. It is essentially dominated by racing guitar and aggressive vocal. Each Thrash songs is often technically accomplished, taken at fast tempo. More and more guitar techniques and dexterity were required as Thrash became more and more intricate with impromptu guitar solos. Despite the lack of airplay, Thrash occupied the music world in the mid 80's and until the early '90s. It provided instrument players a vast playground to show off their talents and creativities.

Death Metal grew out of Thrash Metal in the late '80s, took the darkest subject matters of Thrash. Its lyric is always full of anger and crazy, unhealthy ideas. Heavy guitar riffs played at an impossibly fast tempo (even faster than Thrash) together with fast double bass drumming relentlessly attack audiences' ears, deafening guitar solo screeches sometimes, and singers seem to be roaring more than actually singing.

Every sounds is amplified to the uttermost to build up a very brutal image of the music, therefore, it has been the Metal style most criticized and never attracted a wide audience throughout the '90s and until now.

Black Metal is also a Thrash-derived style. It seems to be the same as or a little bit slower than Death in tempo, but the guitar is darker, spookier and creepier, and vocalist often scream stridently. Black Metal is anti-christ, and its most preferred topics are satan, sin and purnishment.

Opposite with Thrash Metal, Doom Metal developed from Heavy Metal in the mid '80s as murky dirges with lumbering guitar and sluggist groaning vocal. Doom is always very pessimistic and depressing about death, pain and suffering. Later Doom combined with Death for the gowling...