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HectorHector thrust his obsidian battle sword into a repulsive barbarian from the north running clean through the beast. Upon removing his sword the beast fell and hector continued to hack his way through the recklessly charging gnomes and demons. Many fell by his sword and the town militia fought valiantly behind him. Soon the last of the dreadful creatures turned and ran leaving the town's people victorious. Of the small fighting force he led few were injured and none had died during the battle, although it lasted some hours. Carse's militia had slaughtered nearly a hundred of the disgusting creatures.

The evening quickly grew into night and the warriors decided to make camp for the night and celebrate their victory. They had chased a small group of creatures here and were ambushed. Nevertheless, they had fought through it and earned an overwhelming victory that had dealt a vicious blow to the North landers, hopefully quelling their raiding parties for at least a couple of months.

These creatures, though very weak, produced large quantities of offspring making them very difficult to destroy completely. This was Hector's 52nd battle as lieutenant of the militia and he was proud of himself for such a flamboyant victory.

Hector was an odd man who had overcome many odds. He was born into the world as Adam Growling, the second son of sir Luke Growling IV the king's overseer of the treasury. Fate dealt him a devious blow, however, for at the age of fifteen he was stripped of his nobility and exiled from Websterland forever. The King's guards had caught his father embezzling a small amount of the king's fortune and Luke Growling IV met an unfortunate end as they publicly tortured and executed him along with his wife. All the family and servants of the Growling household were stripped of rankings and exiled for life. Hector could not bear to leave his country though and entered the military under the name of Hector Collieries claiming to be a recently freed slave.

Hector had risen in military rank until he had his choice of where to operate. He chose the small border town of Carse. Here he had taken a wife and had spawned two beautiful daughters. At Carse he lived nicely and had repulsed the evil beings from the North more times than he'd care to count. Hector had become well respected and his past remained hidden behind his false identity.

The battle had been over for a few hours. Campfires were lit and the men drank and sang of their victory well into the night. The lieutenant found no reason to restrain the men as the seven mile march back to Carse would be leisurely and unhurried the next day. Hector retired to bed early though and slept peacefully knowing that this news of victory would surely please the king as the evil beings would be too crippled to attack during the rapidly approaching harvesting season.

Hector awoke with the sun the next morning and decided to let his men get a couple extra hours of sleep before they started the march to Carse. Nothing noteworthy happened during the journey and they were to arrive home a little before two that afternoon. Coming around the final bend in the woodland trail the lieutenant was devastated by what he saw.

While the militia was preoccupied with the evil beings the town had been burnt to the ground smoke still issued from several smoldering fires. The ambush had seemed to be the trickery the lieutenant suspected the demons of, but this was the true reason for the relentlessness of the monsters. The diversion had worked and the town had been subject to a massacre of unholy proportions. The enraged lieutenant ran to the city gates only to discover his families heads impaled upon sticks which were plunged into the ground near the portcullis. He fainted at the sight of his beloved family killed and dishonored in an unforgivable display of ruthlessness.

Hector awoke disheveled and distraught inside a tent. He arose and peeked outside three battalions of troops had been sent to man the fort at Carse and sweep the nearby countryside for the force that had ravaged the town. A soldier noticed him and came to his tent. Hector recognized him as Arthur a worthy warrior and brave lad. Arthur said,"Sir Hector, you are in grave danger. The king of Websterland is holding you personally responsible for the town's destruction." This was not uncommon the king would not be humiliated and a scapegoat was quickly named in cases like this. "No surprise lad", remarked Hector. "When will the flogging be held." "Sir the King plans to have you executed. Rumor has it something about your past troubles him",Arthur stated quickly.

Hector's face turned ghostly white and he asked," Arthur, will you help me escape?" "Sorry Lieutenant, but I can't",was Arthur's answer." The guards are coming right now." Then, he quickly made his way to the stables nearby.

Before the guards reached his tent Hector bolted across the ruins of the city towards the secret entrance in the wall of the town. The guards quickly sounded the alarm of the fleeing convict and the archers on the wall nocked their arrows and let fly. The arrows whistled past Hector and struck the ground nearby. He ran as fast as he could and reached the wall in time to avoid a second volley of arrows. He slammed against the hidden door with all his might, but it wouldn't budge. The guards were nearly upon him when he suddenly realized the door was designed to be pulled not pushed.

Hector ripped open the door and raced for the woods twenty yards from the castle wall. He made it safely and using his knowledge of the woods eluded the guards until he was free. Soon he was beyond the area he knew, but he continued walking until he reached the coast of the Kingdom sea. There he found a young lad racing up and down the beach tossing starfish recently, beached by a mighty storm, into the sea in a meager attempt to save them. Hector quickly questioned the boy," Why do such a thing at most you'll save very few? What difference does it make?" The young lad quickly corrected Hector," To you the life or death of a starfish may not make a difference, but to that starfish it will make all the difference." Pondering what the boy had said for a few minutes he began to see the truth in his words and the dishonored lieutenant began to help him. After some time the boy spoke once again," Thank you for your help kind sir, but I'm afraid we will be unable to save anymore." Hector said," Your welcome lad, but I am in debt for your words speak of wisdom beyond your years." With these words the boy began to transform into the form of a mighty sea lion. Without thinking Hector quickly fell to his knees and said," I'm sorry, but I did not realize who you were." For it was said the god of the sea often traveled as the graced sea beast that now stood before Hector.

The animal snorted and then began to speak," No problem lieutenant Hector or should I say Adam Growling?" "Either will do great god of the sea. Please tell me how I shall serve you", whimpered Hector. Knowing few met the god of the sea and lived to tell about it.

"You are to be my messenger to the people Adam," the god answered. "I sense now that you understand that ever life is important and that everything you do may make little difference to those around you, but to that one special person you are a savior. Go my faithful follower and become a savior to many." With that the large sea lion trumpeted and leapt into the water disappearing below the surface. Hector began to travel the land aiding every creature and being that needed help and to many became known as Hector the helpful. A savior to any who needed saving and an aid whenever one was needed. Many will forever be in debt to the sea god's servant.